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Artisan patisserie


Pasticceria Mariuccia started business in 1935 when Mariuccia Fineschi decided to set up a small patisserie  activity within her bar in Montalcino.

Distinguished by the natural wholesomeness of home cooking, the bakery products were met immediately with the widespread approval of the town’s small community, to the point that the "Bar Mariuccia" became a well-known reference point and meeting place for the Ilcinesi - as the citizens of Montalcino are known. The legacy left behind by Mariuccia was taken up with great savoir-faire by her grandson Angelo. Applying his creativity and imagination to the new profession as pastry chef, he aptly varied and adapted even the most classic recipes from the Sienese tradition, his love of the art leading him to research and discover unique ways of combining together flavours and aromas, and leading to the creation of many of our specialties. The fruits of this creativity permit us today to talk appropriately of a Montalcino (Ilcinese) pastry tradition with its own specific properties and flavours, quite distinct from that of Siena. The historic traditions have not petered out thanks to the unassuming nature of Angelo who has taken care to transfer his know-how and love of the art of patisserie to Marco – a young apprentice (20 years back) eager to learn the art - and who since has worked side by side with him in the atelier. Today the Pasticceria Mariuccia is a small artisan bakery in the historic part of Montalcino, always careful to preserve the tradition of raw ingredients of quality and the continual search for products of excellence.

Typical cakes and pastries

Amongst the most traditional products we offer which boast links to the history of Montalcino, you can try:  black or white Panforte, Panpepato, Amaretti (Almond biscuits), Cantucci (brittle almond biscuits), Brutti ma Buoni, Ricciarelli, Ossi di Morto (Almond and hazelnut biscuits), Cavallucci and many more.

You can also buy typical Montalcino patisserie products online!  Go to the ‘contact us’ page!

cioccolatini artigianali
Specialities revisited
produzione panforte

Over the years, Angelo, our expert patisserie and confectionery chef who is the grandson (nephew) of Mariuccia, has focused his creativity and imagination into researching recipes which combine unique flavours and aromas.
And it is from here that the idea for revisiting the most classic confectionery and patisserie products from the Sienese and Montalcino cuisines was conceived.
You must try:  Mariuccia’s Pane, Montalcino Mandorlata, Torta Marita, Dandi, Montalcino Rustici and highly recommended for the winter, Mariuccia’s handmade Chocolates!